About Us

Matrix Bullets is based in British Columbia, Canada, providing the world with #betterbullets!

Our Vision:


Our Mission:

To help hunters and shooters live out their values and ideals. 

We hope to do this in several ways:

  1. Communication with the individuals who use our products, we request constant feedback to assist in our mission of continuous improvement
  2. Always striving to deliver #betterbullets by receiving and acting on user feedback
  3. Constant R&D on current and future products to continue delivering #betterbullets into the future
  4. Only using lead-free materials to make our bullets, there are many benefits to this, including:
  • Decreased lead consumption by hunters and their families, lead fragments in harvested meat is often undetectable and gets consumed without anyone noticing
  • Gut piles left in the field do not have lead fragments that get consumed by scavengers such as eagles, wolves, and bears
  • Reduced lead contamination on ranges and wilderness shooting areas when lead-free bullets are used for target practise


Our bullets are made from high-grade copper and turned from copper bar to beautiful bullets by swiss turning machines. This process enables us to be extremely precise with consistency and tolerances.