About Us

Matrix Bullets is based in British Columbia, Canada, providing the world with the best bullets available.

Custom Match Rifle Bullets

Matrix Ballistics builds quality, custom rifle bullets. Accuracy and consistent performance is our goal. Our bullet designs are the best for giving the lowest vertical spreads at long range and tend to be more forgiving at the end of barrel life. Maximize your scores with the consistency of MATRIX Match Bullets.

Custom Hunting Bullets

If you’re like the average hunter, you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to “accommodate” your hunting season. The entire success of the hunt depends on fulfilling your pre-season dreams. Once you pull the trigger, the rest is up to the cheapest part of your trip – the Projectile. Maximize your hunt with the performance of MATRIX Hunting Bullets.

Non-Standard Weight or Shape Bullets

If you have an interest in a non-standard weight or shape bullet, I would like to hear about your interest. We are interested in developing new styles to support all aspects of our sport.


Original Owner - Marshal Ambrose

I started Matrix from a fascination of bullets, as a kid I spent countless weekends soaking bundles of newspaper in the bathtub to test bullet performance for my hunting rifles. I'd go so far as to melt the lead out of different brands and then attempt to refill them with a core fluxed solder. Needless to say, those early attempts didn't work very well.

After watching and reading about Bitterroots Bullets success I managed to purchase my first set of Corbin dies and with a lot of self-taught trials, I was able to produce excellent hunting bullets that not only had astounding terminal performance but also phenomenal accuracy. I was hooked on what could be achieved.

Later, as finances allowed, I started acquiring carbide dies from Bill Niemi and David Detsch. Together with the use of J4 and Sierra jackets, I was able to manufacture bullets that would rival any of the top brand bullets in the accuracy department and also gained a huge following with the growing legion of long range hunters.

Matrix bullets has won several 1k benchrest matches and even held a world record shot by Scott Webber for a short time. Locally in the Pacific Northwest and Canada they are very prominent on the winners' podium. The accuracy of Matrix bullets has won me several consecutive British Columbia Provincial Championships and keeps up with the best of the national champions I am fortunate to shoot with.

I'm very pleased to turn the torch over to Steve Baardsen as I know he will continue to uphold the Matrix name for the same reasons I did and that is his passion for quality, consistency and design of the Matrix bullets.

Second Owner - Stephen Baardsen

I started hunting on Vancouver Island in my early teens with my uncle and developed a life-long affinity for hunting and shooting. I hunted extensively throughout British Columbia and, later in life, went to hunt in Namibia, Africa.

I became very interested in bullets and their design for rifles since there was considerable international focus on the development of improved bullet designs for hunting ammunition. I spent considerable time and energy researching and testing the various available bullet designs utilizing wet phone books and other media.

I had a number of custom varmint and hunting rifles built over the years when one day I saw a picture of a tactical rifle using a Remington action, MacMillan A-5 stock and Nightforce scope. It caught my attention so I had one built in 308 Winchester. I was testing it at the range when a competition shooter approached me and asked if I shot F-Class? Up until that point, I had never heard of F-Class rifle shooting so I competed in the next match and instantly I was hooked. I have been competing in F-Class ever since ultimately shooting for Canada in the 2013 World Championships in Raton, NM on the Canadian F-Open Team. I currently hold the NRA rank of F-Class High Master. Since then, I have continued testing various rifles, scopes, cartridges and bullets in pursuit of the ultimate match combination.

I was fortunate to first meet Marshal Ambrose, who manufactured Matrix bullets, at a local F-Class match. We competed together over the next few years at various matches. I would pester him with questions about bullet design and manufacturing – after all, his Matrix bullets had a great reputation for winning matches - and he was such a tough competitor who obviously knew what he was doing!

They say timing is everything! I had recently retired from my "day job" as Maintenance Superintendent in the mining industry when Marshal told me he was thinking of selling Matrix Ballistics Ltd. It seemed the perfect time and a natural fit for me to purchase it. I am excited to take up the torch from Marshal and continue with the high standard of quality and precision that he developed in Matrix bullets.